Wednesday, June 11, 2008



When we think of spiritual Christians, there are some people that readily come to mind. These are people who are willing to put others first, but also to be total servants to all around them. Nothing is too hard for them and nothing is beneath them.

As we look around the Christian community today, however, it’s amazing how very few of these “servant-hearted” people we really see, especially in the Christian ministry. Christians who are willing to scrub toilets if necessary, work in the kitchen if needed or simply be behind the scenes. Humility, again, seems to be the word that best describes this type of spiritual believer.

In ministry, many Christians want to be up in front where they can be seen as “spiritual.” They want the visible jobs, the noticeable jobs and the best jobs! A spiritual Christian with a servant’s heart is one who is more interested in what God thinks and will do everything with pleasing Him in view. Therefore, the job is not the issue its more how it’d done. The Bible tells us that God’s eyes are towards the humble, the unpretentious and the ones who are free from pride. He knows our hearts and He can see our humility, as He also sees our pride, our arrogance and our self-centeredness. What is scary is that He is taking notes and will talk to us about each of these characteristics at the Judgment Seat.

This brings to memory a statement made by M.R. De Haan: “To come to Christ cost you nothing, to follow Christ cost you something; but to serve Christ cost you everything.

A couple of things to remember as we aspire to become spiritual Christians:

If whatever we do, does not issue from depending upon God’s Spirit of power, it is “of the flesh.”
Attempting to follow God without denying self, is root of all failure.
Putting confidence in the flesh will destroy our ability to glorify Christ.

Consequently, a spiritual Christian is one who is continually empowered by and controlled by God’s Spirit (His Love and His wisdom). They must continually bring their flesh into captivity and judge themselves so that God’s Life can come forth. Again, this is called the “exchanged life” and it is what the sanctification process is all about, (the salvation of the soul).

1 Peter 1:9

9 Receiving the end of your faith , even the salvation of your souls.

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lbinMontana said...

I am so glad to have found your blog. It is so sad how few Christians are even aware of the Word of the Kingdom. When I stumbled on this I was so thrilled because I don't know of very many others who talk matters surrounding the saving of one's soul. I saw that you quoted M. R. De Haan. I have learning under Arlen Chitwood ( some time now. Do you know him? He quotes the same man very often in his teachings. What a joy to see your blog. Thanks again and I look forward to reading the remainder of your blog.